- Flight Training

Flight Training

HAAKWORKS provides RC flight training service for companies and individuals.
Although being an RC pilot is not too difficult, a proper training can assist you to become a competent pilot in a very short time without risking your own equipment or damaging somebody else's property.

HAAKWORKS uses series of trainer aircraft to achieve very effective outcome in a short amount of time. With the advancements in motor and battery technologies, flying RC airplane is easier, safer, quieter, and cheaper than ever!


Futaba radio system

HAAKWORKS use Futaba 8U transmitter for the instructor and Futaba SkySport transmitter for the student connected by a trainer cable. If you have a Futaba transmitter, it can be used for training.

Hang glider plane, "Marcus"

A hybrid aircraft which is a powered hang glider with tails. Marcus is used for the RC first timer to provide a safe and no stress experience. Marcus is specially designed such that even at a nose dive, the fluttering sail keeps the aircraft in a safe speed.

Multiplex EasyStar

Multiplex EasyStar is the main trainer aircraft. EasyStar is widely applauded for its excellent flying characteristics and exceptional stability. Using the EasyStar, you will learn all the basic maneuver and landing.

Alieron trainer "AutoMiTE"

Coming soon.